MicroMentor’s work with HP featured in U.S. Chamber’s Global Economic Empowerment Report

MicroMentor was recently recognized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation as a thought leader in driving global empowerment. We were honored to contribute one of our powerful mentoring case studies to their 2014 report, Global Economic Empowerment: Private Sector Solutions at Each Stage of Development.

We shared the story of Siddhartha Ghosa, an entrepreneur from Hyderabad, India who joined MicroMentor to find an experienced mentor to help him launch his new software business. Through the MicroMentor platform, he was matched with HP employee, Sundar Ranganathan who had more than 22 years of technology and R&D experience.

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Through his mentoring relationship with Sundar, Siddhartha found a trusted resource and guide to help him navigate the waters of starting his business–all the way through to the launch of his new enterprise.

“I did not have much idea of how to run a software business. Yes, I knew the starting point, but in the middle, I was in need of a mentor, guide, and friend who I could trust, discuss, and ask.”

– Siddhartha Ghosa, MicroMentor entrepreneur

Their story is just one of MicroMentor’s growing number of successful matches and a great example of our commitment to improving access to business resources and leveling the playing field for entrepreneurs around the globe. Not to mention, a perfect demonstration of the profound impact an experienced mentor can have on the life and livelihood of a rising entrepreneur.

Download the U.S. Chamber report and flip to page 24.