3 Ways to Shape Your Employee Engagement Program

Today’s increasingly diverse and socially conscious workforce is looking for more from their employers than a paycheck. In Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report, nine out of ten executives cited employee engagement as important or very important to their companies.[1]

Yet, it was also surveyed that only 11% of companies have a highly inclusive work environment and only 4% feel that they are very good at engaging Millennials and other generations in the work environment.[2]

By investing in employee engagement, companies will not only gain happier workers, but will also increase workplace productivity and employee loyalty within their organization. Here are three tips to consider when shaping your employee engagement program:

Create a Culture of Purpose
Good company culture is often highlighted by benefits such as office foosball tables or Friday happy hours. While amenities such as these can be helpful in increasing morale, instilling a sense of purpose in workers can be equally, and oftentimes more, impactful. For example, ‘workplace champion’ programs, in which employees act as company ambassadors, are effective because they give workers a tangible stake in their company’s success and reputation.

Engage Employees Digitally
Employee development and engagement opportunities do not have to halt when the workday ends. Online volunteering programs offer a way for employees to give back to their community and grow professionally, within a more flexible timeframe. Such flexibility is becoming increasingly necessary for a multi-generational workforce. Digital engagement programs can also provide insightful employee impact and activity data that may not be attainable otherwise.

Be Open for 24/7 Feedback
While once-a-year employee engagement surveys can be helpful to better understand broad trends and issues within the work environment, the lack of real-time feedback may make it difficult to keep a finger on the organization’s pulse. A number of websites provide tools for employees to give anonymous feedback, as well as provide reporting functions for HR departments. Furthermore, third party, Cloud-based employee engagement platforms can lighten your CSR or HR department’s workload so that the focus can remain on organizing company culture.

There are numerous ways to tackle employee engagement. However, being flexible, adaptable, and up-to-date on the latest industry technology tools is critical to building effective relationships with today’s workers.

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