MicroMentor Platform impact in 2016

mm-impactSignificant barriers to economic sustainability lie in the paths of entrepreneurs, particularly for those in underserved communities and developing countries. Rising global unemployment rates mold innovative entrepreneurs from necessity, yet limited access to resources and opportunities for skills development restrict their success.

An initiative of Mercy Corps, MicroMentor seeks to support entrepreneurs from an array of backgrounds and experiences through a free, easy to use, online mentoring platform. From anywhere in the world, entrepreneurs can connect with seasoned business professionals to realize their dream of small business ownership and success. SBAAt MicroMentor we believe in not only leveling the playing field to expand opportunity to those who need it most, but also cultivating a more prosperous global economy by democratizing access to resources and social capital for all entrepreneurs worldwide.

As a result, we are creating equal access to opportunities, driving global economic empowerment, and giving individuals, families and communities the tools they need to prosper.

Entrepreneurs who connected with a mentor on MicroMentor:

  • • Created 3 times more jobs
  • • Earned $3,000 more in revenue
  • • Reported 5x more improvement in their business skills compared to those who did not.

partnersSince 2013 our community has grown over 100% each year, currently making over 10,000 mentoring connections annually. Together, we create avenues for individual mentors and corporate partners to effect global change by volunteering to dispense valuable business advice to those who need it most.

MicroMentor’s mission is to help burgeoning entrepreneurs and nonprofit founders thrive through mentoring. By empowering change-makers and innovative thinkers from around the world to gain access to crucial business resources, we can help them build successful enterprises that transform their communities and economies—creating jobs, expanding opportunity, and solving important societal problems.

Download our MicroMentor Impact Report for more details.