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MicroMentor added 2,116 jobs and $14 million in revenue to the U.S. economy in 2014. Learn how you can launch your own mentoring initiative with our proven platform.


Empower Entrepreneurs with One-on-One Mentoring

MicroMentor is a unique, web-based platform bundled with dedicated programmatic support that is designed to help governments get large-scale mentoring initiatives off the ground, easily and effectively. Proven to increase jobs and revenue, MicroMentor offers governments the potential for unprecedented reach and maximum impact-making it possible to reach every county, even those typically underserved by government programs.

Over 10000 connections
Increase revenue over 296%
Create jobs

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Expand Your Reach. Help More People.

Help entrepreneurs connect with highly skilled, supportive business professionals to launch and grow their small businesses. With the power of the web, you can easily reach the underserved communities and counties with limited access to resources – potentially impacting thousands of entrepreneurs. Our mentor network recruits 3,500 new mentors every year, including experts in business consulting, technology, finance, marketing, and manufacturing, and many other in-demand skillsets. Mentors have an average of 12 years of management experience and 6 years of business ownership experience, and spend an average of 19 hours assisting each entrepreneur-empowering quality mentoring relationships that yield impressive results.


Designed to Meet the Unique Needs of Your State or City

Maximize your existing resources, while expanding your reach and adding new capabilities. MicroMentor will work closely with you to ensure that the mentoring platform fits seamlessly into your government's existing infrastructure. The technology produces big results on a lean budget - we serve entrepreneurs at less than a tenth of the cost of other business development organizations.

Over 10000 connections
Over 10000 connections
Over 10000 connections

Track Your Success. Demonstrate Value.

MicroMentor’s advanced reporting capabilities allow you to easily demonstrate the value of your programming, helping you meet requirements and attract additional support.

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Featured Case Study

State of New York

Supporting New York State's Small Business Community

Lean how MicroMentor has partnered with New York State to drive economic growth across 60 countries.

3,000 users acquired
1,000 connections made
60 out of 62 counties served

Happy Customers

World-class support

MicroMentor doesn’t just provide customer support. We partner with you to ensure program success. We are fluent in small business mentoring, and will work closely with you to make the most out of the technology. Using best practices gleaned through years of experience, we’ll help you build a comprehensive programmatic strategy. At every point in the process, the MicroMentor team will be there to provide guidance, deliver support, and help you overcome obstacles—from building your launch event, to understanding your data, to developing your ongoing communications plan.

"The MicroMentor team helped us think critically, at every step, about what we needed to make a mentoring initiative take hold and be successful. From its initial pilot phase to its availability statewide, MicroMentor has continued to act as our partner in making Business Mentor NY a success."

Steve Cohen

Deputy Commissioner Empire State Development, New York
"MicroMentor is a great product. We have a lot of entrepreneurs participating and active in the program and it is exciting to know that this is working in sub-Saharan Africa. MicroMentor consistently went above and beyond building out the platform, advising us on mentorship best practices, and promoting data-driven approaches. I've been really happy with the engagement and would highly recommend Micromentor."

Renee Manorat

Program Officer at SEAF and manager of the African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program
""Staff at MicroMentor are exceptional partners—creative, collaborative, and tireless in their pursuit of curating the best matches for mentors and entrepreneurs.""

Stephane de Messieres

Partner, Director of Operations, Ashoka Changemakers
"With the MicroMentor platform, Hewlett Packard was able to expand its volunteer advisory program globally, enabling employees around the world to share their professional expertise to support small business owners, nonprofit organizations, and social entrepreneurs. The MicroMentor platform helped streamline program administration; allowing our staff to concentrate on strategy and outreach. The MicroMentor team has been responsive, collaborative, and provided their support in a timely manner.""

Rebecca Wang

Sr. Manager, Community Engagement, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Corporate Affairs

Engage your local business community

MicroMentor is also a great way to engage your own partners in the business community. Corporate employee volunteer and pro-bono programs love us because we provide a flexible, skills-based opportunity to make a big impact. Three out of four mentors tell us they find their connections very valuable, and the mentors that join through your stakeholders in the business community will discover a great and easy way to make a difference.

"An awful lot of people have helped me in my career, so I decided to give back what I have learned. The MicroMentor program is a good way to help out startup CEOs, share with them my experience, and give them some guidance so that they can build their own dreams."

Elliot Wassarman
Former CEO at ECI (the company that started and operated

"Micromentor is a great organization. Among others, I’ve had the good fortune of working with a gentleman in Rhode Island looking to open a line of exciting modern furniture, and a young lady in Nigeria that has a value proposition for livestock feed sources that can help the whole of Africa. Few things get my creative juices flowing more than to help a young business person."

Gary Mastro
Former VP of Brand and Product Marketing at UPS

"This is a wonderful way to give back and make an impact in the community. It was so rewarding for me to be able to share my professional skills in my work here at HP and help grow a young nonprofit."

Karen Strichartz
Enterprise Services program manager at HP

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