Case Study: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Harnessing Employee Knowledge to Make a
Worldwide Impact

MicroMentor’s platform provided a way for Hewlett Packard Enterprise to directly connect their employees’ wealth of experience to help social entrepreneurs and nonprofits thrive and strengthen their local communities.

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise was able to expand its volunteer advisory program globally through the MicroMentor platform, enabling employees around the world to share their professional expertise to support small business owners, nonprofit organizations, and social entrepreneurs. The MicroMentor platform helped streamline program administration; allowing our staff to concentrate on strategy and outreach. The MicroMentor team has been responsive, collaborative, and provided their support in a timely manner.”

Rebecca Wang Senior Manager, Community Engagement
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Corporate Affairs


Engaging Employees. Strengthening The Global Economy.


hours donated by HP employees to help entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs discover success



estimated value of assistance from HP employees who donated time

Increased Engagement

Compared to other CSR initiatives at HP, employees who volunteered with MicroMentor experienced
the biggest lift in engagement.

Source: VeraWorks HP global volunteer survey, 2014 (reference is to Hewlett Packard prior to the corporation’s separation into Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HPI)

Participation Data

Attracting an Active, Diverse Audience

Through the HPE Advising Platform on MicroMentor, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has seen the following user activity:


People from 92 countries participated


HP employees participated


nonprofits and social entrepreneurs participated


mentoring connections made

Most Requested Areas of Expertise:

Through their mentoring relationships, HPE employees leveraged skills in:

  • Management
  • Business startup
  • Marketing
  • Accounting & finance
  • Technology
  • Sales

HPE Advising Program

Uniting a Global Workforce.
Aligning Multiple Stakeholders.

As an innovative leader in corporate citizenship, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has long recognized the value of skills-based volunteering and had multiple initiatives in place to engage employees and help them make a social impact.

HPE realized the potential existed to expand these initiatives for even greater impact and engagement. They wanted to scale up their program by making it available to more employees, while reducing the need to manually manage every initiative.

MicroMentor’s online platform provided an ideal solution, as it created an opportunity for the global workforce to participate—on their own schedule, from any location. It also provided a way to consolidate all of their skills-based volunteering opportunities into one central location, for easier coordination and management.

Program Goals:

  • Increase level of employee engagement
  • Expand reach and availability of existing volunteer opportunities
  • Enable their entire workforce worldwide to participate, regardless of location
  • Provide new learning opportunities for their employees
  • Make a lasting impact on the global economy
  • Strengthen and support existing goodwill initiatives
  • Create a consistent brand experience
  • Simplify program administration
  • Create one central location for all resources and content

Program Features

MicroMentor worked directly with HPE to create a customized solution that supported their objectives, while delivering continuous improvement.

Custom Portal For HPE Advising

  • Cobranded platform
  • Tailored language for HPE audience
  • Platform customizations to facilitate and promote in-group matching
  • Special functionality that allowed HPE to integrate their existing tools, resources, and content into the platform’s user experience

Comprehensive Onboarding Process:

  • Multiple information sessions for employees to support the global workforce
  • Information sessions for employees—scheduled multiple times a day to support employees in other time zones
  • Access to on-demand support
  • User testing and quality assurance

Marketing Materials:

  • Website and email templates
  • Email invitations
  • Company intranet page
  • Strategic advising on newsletters and custom content development

Launching and Sustaining

  • Timed with launch of the Global Volunteer Challenge, HPE’s annual employee engagement campaign that promotes volunteering
  • Ongoing updates about campaign progress
  • Solving user support issues
  • Promoting success stories
  • Support for interpreting and packaging live data
  • Helping HP managers optimize activities
  • Communicating success stories to diverse network of stakeholders
  • Using data to improve product and content
  • Producing new content into emails, educational articles, and webinars
  • Ensured continuous program improvement
  • Employee surveys to help HPE users share their experiences

HPE Advising Success Story

Empowering Changemakers to Make an
Even Bigger Difference

By mentoring nonprofits and small businesses through HPE’s custom advising platform, employees were able to change lives and strengthen communities.

Transforming an Urban Arts Outreach Program

Barbara Alexander
Owner, Performing Arts Academy
of Connecticut

Christine Hawkins
HP Inc. Employee,
Global eCommerce Strategy, CA

Dayo Soola
HPE Employee,
Operations Manager, TX

Barbara’s Performing Arts Academy of Connecticut provides at-risk youth, seniors, and the homeless with access to arts programs and classes. She had reached a point where she was overworked, underfunded, and needed help getting back on track. By connecting with two Hewlett Packard employees, she was able to get organized, reduce her hours, and generate more revenue—which in turn, has helped her serve even more disadvantaged people in her community.

“The information that both mentors gave to me was phenomenal. I put their suggestions into play and saw growth immediately. They’ve been a major blessing to me and my business, which has gone from red to black in six weeks! With their help, I was really able to get my company going in the right direction.” Barbara Alexander
Owner, Performing Arts Academy of Connecticut

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HPE Employee Testimonials

Engaging Employees.
Supporting Professional Growth.

Three out of four participants from HPE reported that their mentoring relationship has been very valuable to them. They’ve loved using and deepening their skills, learning about a new way of doing business, and contributing to a cause they believe in.

Mary Ann Johnson
Financial Analyst, HPE, Michigan

Skills Used For Mentoring

  • Business development
  • Accounting and tax advice
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial education

“What makes mentoring different from other volunteer opportunities is that it is knowledge-based. MicroMentor utilizes my skill set. I have this vast amount of knowledge that I can share with small businesses, from starting a business, to doing taxes, to closing a business; and that’s not something that I normally apply in my day-to-day job. Mentoring helps me to get further ahead in my career.”

Sandesh Salkade
Service Delivery Consultant, HPE, India

Skills Used For Mentoring

  • Project management
  • Marketing and branding
  • Technology consulting

“I think MicroMentor is a great tool and the approach is very novel. We are helping the entrepreneurs develop a plan to address their business challenges. It’s a great way to enhance our consulting skills.”

Thu Rein Tun
IT Specialist, HPE, Singapore

Skills Used For Mentoring

  • Business plan creation
  • Sales deck development
  • Tech startup methodology

“I’ve had three mentees, and all of them have asked me, ‘why do you give your knowledge so freely?’ The answer is that this is a win-win situation. Even though I share my knowledge, at the same time, I learn a lot. If you talk with a like-minded person outside of your day-to-day job, you’re getting out of your comfort zone. I’ve found this very rewarding.”

Karen Strichartz
Enterprise Services Program Manager, HPE, Michigan

Skills Used For Mentoring

  • Program management
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Prioritizing business needs to enable growth

“This is a wonderful way to give back and make an impact in the community. It was so rewarding for me to be able to share my professional skills in my work here at HP to help grow a young nonprofit.”

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