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Make an Impact with Our Proven Mentoring Platform

Refined over 8 years of research and development, MicroMentor’s enterprise solution empowers organizations with a powerful online platform for launching their own user-driven mentoring program.

Our resource-light platform requires minimal administration, while delivering maximum impact. As a result, organizations can create successful, comprehensive mentoring initiatives faster and more effectively than ever before.

Plug-and-Play Setup

  • Launch a meaningful mentoring program within three months
  • No IT resources required
  • Anyone with internet access can participate—from any location, on any device

People-Driven Mentoring

  • Recruit and onboard participants with a streamlined sign-up flow
  • Participants drive the experience based on their expertise and needs
  • Participants choose from short- or long-term, general or specific, and in-person or virtual mentoring
  • Automated screening process
  • Create impact at scale: Each year, MicroMentor serves 12,000 users and has facilitated over 15,000 connections

How MicroMentor Works:

Participants start on your custom online mentoring portal where you control branding, messages, community access, and feature configuration.


Participants then create profiles reach out to eachother to start new mentoring relationships. We support participants and track program performance for you.


Optimized Experience

  • Gain access to our intuitive platform that’s evolved over eight years of iteration
  • Leverage continuous improvements that have been validated through data-driven research and testing
  • Improve business outcomes, while engaging your volunteers (Read more about our impact »)

Intuitive Reporting and Measurement

  • Review your administrative dashboard to monitor the metrics that matter to your organization
  • See user acquisition and connection, expertise, industries, gender, ethnicity, and more at a glance
  • Get in-the-moment, post-match and long-term program insights with automated user surveys
  • Customized reporting
  • Partner Testimonials

    “MicroMentor is a great product. We have a lot of entrepreneurs participating and active in the program and it is exciting to know that this is working in sub-Saharan Africa. MicroMentor consistently went above and beyond building out the platform, advising us on mentorship best practices, and promoting data-driven approaches. I’ve been really happy with the engagement and would highly recommend MicroMentor.”

    Renee Manorat
    Program Officer at SEAF and manager of the African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (an initiative of the U.S. Department of State)

  • Partner Testimonials

    “Empire State Development had a limited team of four people working on Business Mentor NY, but because of MicroMentor’s technology, we didn’t have to devote any of our staff resources into manually facilitating mentoring. Our team has been able to spend 100% of their time on outreach and helping mentors and entrepreneurs make the most of the system.”

    Rachael Dubin
    Director of Community Economic Development Programs, Empire State Development

  • Partner Testimonials

    “As an organization, we really wanted to help, but we recognized the need to have a more formal capability in place. MicroMentor’s web-based portal helped streamline our partnership with Empire State Development and Business Mentor NY, making it easier for our members to connect with struggling entrepreneurs and make a meaningful impact.”

    Jeffrey Gaynor
    Director/Chair Pro Bono, TMA, New York Chapter

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