Comprehensive Support from Start to Finish

Our extensive support services are designed to help your organization create the best mentoring program possible. Our experienced team will work with you hand-in-hand to assess your needs and determine the right customizations for your objectives. Then, we'll help you craft a comprehensive programmatic strategy that ensures your mentoring initiative's lasting impact.

From platform development and promotion to program management and measurement, our support services will enable you to optimize the performance and success of your program.

Product Customization

  • Create a seamless, branded experience with your logo, color palette, and type
  • Target the audience you want to impact by demographics, industry, location, and more
  • Customize reporting to focus on the metrics thatmatter to you and your organization
  • Get new features designed, developed, and tailored to your needs

User Onboarding

  • Live training for administrators
  • Regular user webinars
  • Ability to customize our robust curriculum
  • Orientation sessions
  • Knowledge base to help users navigate the platform and learn mentoring best practices

Roll-Out Strategy

  • Tailored communication plan to strategically launch your program
  • High-visibility launch event
  • Automated email workflow to assist users through the process of signing up and connecting with others
  • Custom intranet page, corporate email templates, invitations, and newsletter announcements

Management and Support

  • Strategic and technical consulting as needed
  • Easy-to-use administrative dashboard for program management and measurement
  • Users can reach out to customer support for help at any time
  • Analytics and reporting available on-demand

Marketing and Public Relations

  • Custom marketing materials for promoting your program, recognizing participants, and demonstrating impact internally and externally
  • Landing pages and marketing assistance for special campaigns
  • Co-promotional public relations efforts
  • Drive new users to your program with our $500,000 annual search engine advertising grant (limited availability)
  • Highlight your organization’s thought leadership, commitment to innovation, and goodwill initiatives through co-presenting at conferences like CSR Wire, World Innovation Expo, and more
  • Partner Testimonials

    “Selecting MicroMentor as a partner was a great decision, as they not only provided technical expertise—they also provided the programmatic support that we needed to make the program a success. I can’t imagine another service provider who would have the depth of knowledge of what the small business community needs.”

    Ben Howard-Cooper
    Project Associate, Empire State Development

  • Partner Testimonials

    “The MicroMentor team helped us think critically, at every step, about what we needed to make a mentoring initiative take hold and be successful. From its initial pilot phase to its availability statewide, MicroMentor has continued to act as our partner in making Business Mentor NY a success.”

    Steve Cohen
    Deputy Commissioner Empire State Development, New York State

  • Partner Testimonials

    “Staff at MicroMentor are exceptional partners—creative, collaborative, and tireless in their pursuit of curating the best matches for mentors and entrepreneurs.”

    Stephane de Messieres
    Partner, Director of Operations, Ashoka Changemakers

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